About the Book

Executive Summary

Clinical Integration: Population Health and Accountable CareThird Edition offers a comprehensive collection of fresh insights on the evolution of clinically integrated networks (CINs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs) across the United States (US) healthcare system. This edition examines the early effects of the Affordable Care Act, and updates the chapters on financial management, quality, primary care, regulatory, leadership, network evolution, health information technology and comparative effectiveness research. It also introduces a number of new topics that are becoming an important part of the health care system as these networks are developing, with discussions on patient engagement, industry accreditation and standards, care coordination, and behavioral health integration with medical care. This is a rigorously researched textbook and desk reference manual appropriate for health plans and providers, academic medicine, health services research, physician leaders, healthcare policy makers, public health and other government officials, and healthcare legal staff.

Chapters include:

  1. Chapter 1. Continuing the Momentum
  2. Chapter 2. Re-Framing Primary Care and Patient-centered Medical Homes in the Lens of Complexity, Culture and Relationship-centered Care
  3. Chapter 3. The Future of Leadership
  4. Chapter 4. Network Evolution
  5. Chapter 5. Regulatory Matters and Antitrust Issues
  6. Chapter 6. The Quality Challenge- Accountability for Continuous Improvement
  7. Chapter 7. Financial Implications: The Physician’s View
  8. Chapter 8. Coordinating Care—Transforming the Delivery Process
  9. Chapter 9. Standards for the CIN
  10. Chapter 10. Technology Solutions for the 21st Century
  11. Chapter 11. Non-Traditional Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services as a Core Part of Health in CINs and ACOs
  12. Chapter 12. Improving Future Care Through Comparative Effectiveness Research
  13. Chapter 13. Motivation, Patient Engagement and Self-Management
  14. Chapter 14. Clinical Integration: A Bridge to Improved Population Health and Care

Intended Audience

The audience for this collaborative anthology is multi-faceted. The content covered is expanded to meet the needs of several industry stakeholders including: Physician Leaders and Practitioners, Payers, Healthcare Policy Makers,Healthcare Law,Academic and Research, and Consumers.

Structure of the Book

The third edition transitions from the original second edition collaborative work of its four original authors to a 14-chapter anthology, each chapter authored by an industry expert and edited by the original second edition authors, that provides a refresh on original the issues covered in the second edition, along with introducing a number of new topics. Patient engagement, care coordination, behavioral health, and industry standards are areas of critical importance for the growth of provider-sponsored organizations that are discussed in detail in new chapters in this edition.


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